Airtight Avatar Training
(Value $250)
+ $500 Bonus Give-Away
 5-Star Success Blueprint  

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  • Tuesday, 01 May 2018, at 12:00 PM

Pacific Time (US and Canada), GMT -7

  • Beate Chelette

    The Growth Architect

  • Hillary Gadsby

    Co-Founder of Box Boss

What we’ll cover in this 90-minute live training...

  • The Simple Way To Explain Your Unique Sales Proposition
    You think people really get what you do, right? Well, they don’t. Beate will show you how to explain exactly why you are the right person for the job you’re pitching. Find out how to make your important first meeting an informative and comfortable conversation, not a sales pitch. Learn how to create your own niche with language that makes you stand out.   

  • Learn The Steps To Grow, Build, And Scale Your Business Building a profitable business is not rocket science. It's simple...if you know how to do it. Beate will explain the steps and the exact order you need to follow. Beate’s 5 Star Success Blueprint is the very same system she used to sell her start-up business to Bill Gates for millions. You’ll get the entire 28-page Success Blueprint workbook that she’s sharing here for the first time! It's proven to work…for everyone willing to follow the steps. (She has never shared this before, and the value is $500, but it’s complimentary in the Boss Box.) ​​​​​​​

  • Grow Your Business By Finding Really Good Clients It’s all about the clients! More and more clients. You can’t sell to the world, you need to hone in on the best clients for you. Follow Beate’s Airtight Avatar outline and you’ll be able to identify your ideal target client easily, and know how to go after them. 

  • What You Can Do To Get Started ImmediatelyNow is the perfect time to start, grow or expand your business in a meaningful way. But what should you do next? We'll share the first step that you can do right now, that will get you on the success track immediately and start the changes in your business that you want to see. 

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